VP candidate Tim Kaine desperately tries to bond over the Replacements with U of M students


Tim Kaine, left, and the Replacements during the '80s inside of an elevator at the U's Coffman Memorial Union AP; Twin Tone Records

Short of boogieboarding to some Twenty One Pilots (that's what young people do, right?), Tim Kaine wasn't gonna meet University of Minnesota students on their cultural level. 

That didn't stop the Democratic vice presidential candidate from trying in earnest during a surprise campaign stop Tuesday. Here's part of the Star Tribune's report from campus

"You guys are like the Beatles!" [Kaine] said. "Or … is that too old?"

Some of the students laughed. One tried to help out with a local reference.

"You have to say something about Prince here," she said.

"Or how about the Replacements?" Kaine tried, looking for another Twin Cities tie-in. "Anybody like the Replacements? I'm a huge Replacements fan."

As we've previously reported, Tim Kaine, a 50-something man born in St. Paul, is obviously a Replacements fan. That said, most college-age students were -7 to -3 when the band first broke up in 1991, but bless his '80s college-rock heart for trying to relate.

So, will the potential VP's Replacements fandom translate into concrete Replacements policy? 

"The only question that remains is whether, if elected, Kaine will deploy Navy Seals search and rescue teams to trawl the Mississippi to retrieve the tapes the band tossed years ago," 'Mats biographer Bob Mehr quipped on Facebook.  

This much is clear: The November election is quickly becoming a referendum on whether All Shook Down is indeed an underrated album. Before you head into your polling place, here's a quick primer on the more mainstream music tastes of presidential candidates Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump.

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