Voltage & MNFashion 2009: Buy Minnesota, for Minnesota

A springy look from Voltage 09 (click here for more)
A springy look from Voltage 09 (click here for more)
Denis Jeong Plaster

It was a full week of fashion events in the Twin Cities last week. If you're into fashion or music or just wanted to see what all the hype was about, chances are you either went to the main event, Voltage Fashion Amplified, or maybe you indulged in one of the many other events that made up Fashion Week 2009, completing its 5th year. Since 2004, we Minnesotans have learned a lot about killer fashion events and how to dress for them, and for each of these events, we want to be unique, just like everyone else. And if MNFashion Week showed us anything this year, it's that quality and originality is right here in our back yard.Recapping an exhausting week of sewing and, happily, sales, Voltage designers Becca Kohler, Bonnie Vig, Max Lohrbach, Allison Quinnell, and Christine Carmichael gathered at Design Collective's Mimosa Reception Sunday afternoon in Uptown. Some of them sell here exclusively while nine others sell down the street at Cliche. Many of them have sold quite few pieces already, and will be heading home to cut, pin and drape custom orders for those who crave couture frocks without all the runway size restrictions.  

Voltage & MNFashion 2009: Buy Minnesota, for Minnesota
Denis Jeong Plaster - Click here for slideshow

"Quality work is just as important to the Voltage entrance panel as concept," says Quinnell. "The Voltage pieces are impeccable, made with 100% integrity." 

Becca and Bonnie of 2709 compare their hands-on creative approach to fashion design to the process they use to create product for mass retail: "Handling the materials and designing that first prototype allows us to react to design problems in the moment, creating a more innovative result." 

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