Visions of Brooklyn, paper teeth, and late-night studio sessions in this week’s Top 5 MN music videos

A shot of the Brooklyn sky from the video for 'The Light.'

A shot of the Brooklyn sky from the video for 'The Light.' YouTube

And so begins summer.

The temperature is rising, the trees are spitting pollen, and the days are getting longer. The most stifling thing about life in the Great North is that, for half the year, sunlight runs banker’s hours. By Memorial Day, all that has changed and the energy in the Twin Cities has exploded.

But what to do with all the momentum? How do you spend those extra hours of daylight? Minneapolis’s string of outdoor concerts started this week, as did St. Paul’s . Those are always good options, but don’t forget about the clubs and basements where the more sunlight-averse musicians are plying their trade, whatever the weather. Don’t worry—they have AC.

Tony Bones and Big Wiz feat. Z-Boy and Talib Kweli – “The Light”

Director Mercies May calls the new video for Tony Bones and Big Wiz’s collaboration with Z-Boy and Talib Kweli “a tribute to positivity and our collective humanity.” May hit the streets of Brooklyn’s Bed Stuy to film the video for “The Light,” lending the vet-heavy cut an old-school, mid-’90s feel. None of the performers actually appear in the video, but the mood they’re going for shines through undeterred. “The Light” comes from Bones and Wiz’s new record Still Official , which features guest spots from additional hip-hop heavyweights Bizzy Bone, Twista, Evidence, and Termanology.

Sass – “Spoiled by Rotten”

Garage-rockers Sass are back with a new single to promote their forthcoming debut album, Chew Toy. “Spoiled by Rotten” is about “isolation and finding friends,” and the Jonah Castaneda Barry-directed video translates this theme into a visceral, sometimes violent, vision. The band dances through the woods in a Blair Witch-like series of non sequitur rituals, breathing life into Stephanie Jo Murck’s anxious lyrics. Sass play Dead Media on June 22.

Kid Dakota – “Keep Coming Back”

Darren Jackson, a.k.a. Kid Dakota, is back in a big way. After taking seven years off from releasing music, Jackson released Denervation in February, and he’s currently working on three other albums: The Age of Roaches, Negative Kid, andTake the Dogs for a Walk. But he’s still had time to turn one of Denervation’s most engrossing songs into a music video. “Keep Coming Back” is a tune of detachment and ache, and for the video, Kid Dakota teases the frames with bits of paper attached to wires, pieces that orbit each other but never touching for long.

Braden L. Palmer – “War Cloud II”

The music of Minnesota electro-rocker Braden L. Palmer makes you feel better than its subject matter might lead you to expect. It’s like if Miike Snow spit out a bright synthesizer groove about an impending divorce. Palmer’s “War Cloud II” has an automatic, danceable rhythm, but the song is an anxious personal crisis come to life. Directed by Tomas Aksamit, the video tries to capture this mood by hyper-focusing on Palmer’s hands as he creates the song piece by piece. The sequence makes “War Cloud II” feel like the fiddlings of a man on the edge of madness.

Miles Graves ft. Finding Novyon – “Overnight”

On “Overnight,” rapper Miles Graves, who calls himself Minnesota’s Storytelling King, tells his own story of struggle and triumph, enlisting the help of fellow hustler Finding Novyon. The two take to the studio to keep their career momentum rolling on, fighting off sleep because neither can afford to miss any opportunity that might arise in the night.

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