Viral tot thanks Teddy Bridgewater for birthday visit with 'Hey Teddy 2'

Obadiah and Teddy clownin' around in the video for "Hey Teddy 2"

Obadiah and Teddy clownin' around in the video for "Hey Teddy 2"

The nation's hearts were warmed earlier this week by Obadiah "Skolbadiah" Gamble.

The 6-year-old St. Paul tot issued a rap plea last Thursday for Vikings quarterback Teddy Bridgewater to attend his birthday party. The undeniably amazing song, "Hey Teddy," went viral Wednesday, scoring 120,000-plus YouTube views. And it succeeded in its goal when Bridgewater popped over Wednesday for birthday festivities. 

Obadiah is now thanking the Pro Bowl QB for the birthday visit with his new song "Hey Teddy 2," featuring none other than "Teddy Two Gloves" himself. In the intro to the music video, which dropped Thursday, Bridgewater plays catch with wee Obadiah.

"I saw your song, I saw your music video, I saw you playing the piano, I saw you playing catch in the house ...," Bridgewater says.

"Yup, I've got a lot of talent, I've got a lot of talent," Obadiah chirps, to which Bridgewater responds "Yeah, I see!"

We all see it, Obadiah! 

Bridgewater and Obadiah proceed to joke around in the backyard, play paper football, scarf on cake, and sing "Happy Birthday."

"Hey Teddy, hey Teddy, you made my dream come true today," the song concludes, as you wipe away tears and play it five more times.