Vinyl reissues of Prince's 1985-92 albums are coming

<i>Parade! Sign o' the Times! Lovesexy!</i>

Parade! Sign o' the Times! Lovesexy!

Call it a sign o' the vinyl resurgent times: Prince's 1985-1992 stretch of albums will soon be reissued by Warner Bros. 

The process of reissuing Prince's discography on vinyl began earlier this year, but Warner Bros apparently $ped thing$ up following the pop superstar's sudden death on April 21. The Purple One's 1978 debut, For You, was reissued in April. You can scoop it up for $19

The vinyl version of 1984's Purple Rain is already available for $34 on Amazon. It was re-pressed in 2011 along with 1980's Dirty Mind, 1981's Controversy, and 1982's 1999.

Many of the forthcoming hot stacks of wax are available for pre-order on Amazon. Here the scheduled rollout:  

June 21: Around the World in A Day (1985)

July 19: Parade (Under the Cherry Moon soundtrack) (1986)

August 23: Sign o’ the Times (1987)

September 20: The Black Album (1987 recorded; 1994 released)

October 18: Lovesexy (1988) and Batman soundtrack (1989)

November 22: Graffiti Bridge soundtrack (1990) and Diamonds and Pearls (1991)

December 13: The Love Symbol (1992)

In other Prince-related news, he currently owns five of the top 10 spots on the Billboard 200 chart. And, finally, the always reputable Onion has the scoop on what's inside his mysterious music vault.