Videos: Mark Mallman CD-release show

What more can we say about Mark Mallman that hasn't been covered in last week's cover story and reporter's notebook? Well, a few things, actually. Like that his CD-release show and First Avenue on Saturday was just as grand as we hoped, and that Mallman decided to forgo any major stunts in lieu of a fairly straightforward, top-notch rock show. Which isn't to say that there weren't a few quirks along the way; Mallman took the stage dressed as a custodian pushing a mop bucket, and proceeded to dumbfound the audience with a sweeping cover of "The Music of the Night" from The Phantom of the Opera.

Video by The MSP Dude.

Shortly afterwards he was joined on stage by Jeremy Ylvisaker, Mike Geronsin, and Sean Hoffman (who were all dressed in striped prison jumpsuits, natch), along with a pair of men dressed as rats. The group played a fantastic set, mixing in songs from his new album, Invincible Criminal, with older favorites like "True Love," "Knockout on 22nd Street" (my favorite Mallman tune), and "Hardcore Romantics."

Videos by The MSP Dude, who chronicles local music on his YouTube channel and blogs at Catching Sounds.