Videos: Big Trouble with David Campbell and Aby Wolf

Last Friday night at the Turf Club was full of surprises. Toward the beginning of the evening, Aby Wolf slipped a couple of phenomenal covers into her set, including a Bjork song and "Runnin' Up That Hill" by Kate Bush, and then later joined in with instrumental group Big Trouble for her take on Erykah Badu's "On and On." The concert was also an anniversary party for review site, and naturally founder David de Young was there with camera in hand to capture some of the best moments. Here are a couple of highlights; head over to David's blog for the rest of his videos from Friday night. 

Here's a video of Aby Wolf singing "On and On," as shot by Debbie Donovan:

And here's David Campbell joining Big Trouble for the Beatles' "Tomorrow Never Knows":

As always, head over to for a full recap of the show.