Video game flossin’, beach bonfires, and sexy choreography in this week’s Top 5 MN music videos


How did you spend your Record Store Day?

Maybe you patronized one of the many record stores in Minneapolis/St. Paul this Saturday. Maybe you rolled up to Electric Fetus, Hymie’s, or Fifth Element ready to spend your hard-earned dollars. Maybe you even saw a local band play an in-store and stopped your crate-digging to listen to a song or two.

While RSD is an excellent opportunity to turn your paycheck into fuel for the local music industry, remember that vinyl is incredibly expensive. Just ask Father John Misty. As such, the folks who need your dollars most aren’t always represented in the RSD rush. They’re out shilling CD-Rs in cardboard sleeves, hoping the hipsters move on to a cheaper medium. Pre-empt that switch and purchase a digital disc from the next group of upstarts you see.

Student 1—“Ready”

Minneapolis rhymer Student 1 is done standing on the sidelines. After finishing ninth in the 2017 Picked to Click rankings, the energetic youngster is back with his new song “Ready.” Soren Bloomquist of Common Culture directs the video, which zeroes in on Stu as he turns a glass box at the Guthrie Theater into a private showcase of what he can do when you hand him a mic and your attention. Student 1 will release his new EP Adequate at the end of this month.


Minneapolis pop producer Solana enlisted the University of Minnesota Dance Collective to help him put together the new video for his sexy devotional “Shuga.” The student dancers choreographed a sensual pattern of movements to the song, and director Adam Jacobs cut their takes together into a mesmerizing video. “Shuga” is a collaboration between the enigmatic Solana (a.k.a. Alex Richter) and his high school friend, Texas producer Apothic. The video will be screened at the U of M Dance Collective’s spring showcase this Saturday.

Chub—“Phony Allen”

Dan Chizek of Hardcore Crayons moonlights as bedroom beat artist Chub, making truly bizarre and fascinating soundscapes out of vocal and drum samples. His latest song, “Phony Allen,” comes along with a video directed by Dominic Hanft of Bromide Films (oh, and Hardcore Crayons as well). Hanft notes that the video, which features drone footage of Chizek and his dog messing around on the beaches of the Mississippi, is heavily influenced by Post Malone, something that’s evident from the fun-loving chaos of both the song and the visual. Attentive readers will notice this is the second appearance of the Guthrie Theater in this week’s Local Frames.

Dima Kash—“Our Night”

Local Frames OG Dima Kash has landed a lot of videos in our weekly column, but none have been anything like the new one for “Our Night.” Instead of driving around killing hookers and shooting garbage trucks with rocket launchers, Kash used Grand Theft Auto to create a by-the-numbers, over-the-top rap video. The video-game visual has it all: Bentleys, topless women, and bottle service. Kash’s fantasy of balling comes to life with the cheat codes on.

See More Perspective—“Listen.”

“Listen,” the latest visual poem from rapper See More Perspective, is a definite outlier for Local Frames. More a short film than a music video, “Listen” was released in celebration of Earth Day as a plea from Perspective and filmmaker Ryan Stopera to stop and realize the impact we’re having on the natural beauty of the planet. “Listen” seeks no answer. But by featuring the heart-swelling words of Perspective alongside the visuals Stopera captures, the video leads us to question what’s really valuable in this world.

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