Video: Chastity Brown and her tape recorder

Our pals over at MPLS.TV have been busy lately; in addition to filming the videos we posted yesterday of Eyedea, No Bird Sing, Kristoff Krane, Crescent Moon, and Peter Pisano gathering for a freestyle jam, they also recently produced this video of soul-bearing songwriter Chastity Brown performing a solo song. If you missed Chastity's CD-release show at the Cedar last weekend, this video is the next best thing, as it showcases her immense vocal talent and lyrical prowess (not to mention her little Radio Shack tape player, which delivers a hissing noise throughout the video and serves as her only accompaniment).

For more on Chastity, read our interview with the singer in last week's print edition of City Pages.

City of Music: Chastity Brown from MPLS.TV on Vimeo.