Victory Strikes Again part 1

Victory songs have always been an election day tradition, and are usually selected for their hopeful, broad-appeal properties. But what if the victory songs were selected as a sort of last stroke of candor before the sweltering sackcloth of P.R. whitewashing gets thrown over a future president? Here’s some suggestions for the three candidates that test the limits of cultural sensitivity and exhibit only the greatest partisan impartiality.

John McCain

"Barbara Ann" Beach Boys (cuz now he can sing it however he pleases) “Imperial March” John Wiliams “Night on Bald Mountain” Modest Mussorgsky “Money” Pink Floyd “Run To The Hills” Iron Maiden “Waiting Around To Die” Townes Van Zandt “Send The Marines” Tom Lehrer "Political Science" Randy Newman

Barack Obama

“It’s Time To Party” Andrew W. K. "Funky President" James Brown “Fight The Power” Public Enemy “Once In A Lifetime” Talking Heads "We Are the Champions" Queen

Ralph Nader

“One In A Million” Guns N’ Roses (submitted by Matt St-Germaine)

Leonard Peltier

“How I Could Just Kill A Man” Cypress Hill "WIthout Me" - Eminem

Let's hear your ideas for songs each camp should play.


Obama victory song suggestions part 2 Obama victory song suggestions part 1

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