Verdict on the Pierces' new video: "Boring"

For me, and maybe you, "Boring," the new video by the Pierces, offers that rare chance to experience the entire cycle of superficial fandom in three minutes, from attraction to backlash, lingered afterward with the suspicion that the joke is only funny because it contains truth, and the ultimate judgement that the song title is truth in advertising. For the backlash side (where I am already), these model-lookin' New York sisters have gotten entirely undeserved adoring writeups in the Village Voice (I'm pretty sure the lyric is "bear your child," not "bury your child") and Spin, while "Lights On" (from their MySpace page) rips off Billy Joel's "It's Still Rock and Roll to Me" worse than TLC's "Waterfalls." On the attraction side (I remember way back when), the concept- and humor-driven cheap-ass video reminds me of MTV's early-'80s heyday. Sure to be the song that either makes or ruins them, or rules for three days before resurfacing in 20 years.