Velvet Davenport prep first LP with a video and single

Parker Sprout, the brain and heart of Velvet Davenport, spent last winter recording to four-track his nearly here Warmy Girls, Velvet Davenport's third release on local label well-on-the-rise Moon Glyph, and their first on shellac. These sparse, sun-saturated excursions placably direct the mind to a moment, just out of reach, that never really happened; brand-new and of-somewhere-else and undeniably calming. Look elsewhere for sharp corners.

To prepare and fete Velvet Davenport's upcoming release and East Coast/European tour, they've got a new video and a new song for you to wade in.

The video is for the song "Mystery Michael," given the utmost recommendation by Altered Zones, that recalls the Who's "Whiskeyman" at the very least in tone; strange, possibly invisible friends and optimistic outlooks and trippy sophisma.

Velvet Davenport, "Warmy Personal Routine"

"We have got a token / we could play our favorite game." Exactly.

Warmy Girls is currently available for pre-order on Moon Glyph's website, and the Dav will be hitting the road in less than a week, dates below.

Tour dates:
11/10/10 Bard College- Annendale, NY
11/11/10 Vasser College- Poughkeepsie, NY
11/12/10 Glasslands- Brooklyn, NY
11/13/10 Shea Stadium- Brooklyn, NY
11/14/10 Wildfire Lounge- Ithaca, NY
11/26/10 La Cantine de Belleville- Paris, FR
12/10/10 Exit- Rotterdam, NL
12/18/10 White Trash- Berlin, DE

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