Velvet Davenport prep first LP with a video and single

<em>Warmy Girls</em>

Warmy Girls

Parker Sprout, the brain and heart of Velvet Davenport, spent last winter recording to four-track his nearly here Warmy Girls, Velvet Davenport's third release on local label well-on-the-rise Moon Glyph, and their first on shellac. These sparse, sun-saturated excursions placably direct the mind to a moment, just out of reach, that never really happened; brand-new and of-somewhere-else and undeniably calming. Look elsewhere for sharp corners.

To prepare and fete Velvet Davenport's upcoming release and East Coast/European tour, they've got a new video and a new song for you to wade in.

[jump] The video is for the song "Mystery Michael," given the utmost recommendation by Altered Zones, that recalls the Who's "Whiskeyman" at the very least in tone; strange, possibly invisible friends and optimistic outlooks and trippy sophisma.

Velvet Davenport, "Warmy Personal Routine"

"We have got a token / we could play our favorite game." Exactly.

Warmy Girls is currently available for pre-order on Moon Glyph's website, and the Dav will be hitting the road in less than a week, dates below.

Tour dates:

11/10/10 Bard College- Annendale, NY

11/11/10 Vasser College- Poughkeepsie, NY

11/12/10 Glasslands- Brooklyn, NY

11/13/10 Shea Stadium- Brooklyn, NY

11/14/10 Wildfire Lounge- Ithaca, NY

11/26/10 La Cantine de Belleville- Paris, FR

12/10/10 Exit- Rotterdam, NL

12/18/10 White Trash- Berlin, DE