Velvet Davenport and Dante and the Lobster tonight in the Clown Lounge

Velvet Davenport and Dante and the Lobster tonight in the Clown Lounge

Dante and the Lobster, courtesy of their Myspace page.

Ooh. Gimme Noise will dock itself 10 points out of the gate for using "trippy" in the excerpt of this blog-- undoubtedly one of the biggest red flag words ever to worm its way into our lexicon.

Trippy is an especially revolting word when used in a blog describing the music of psychadelic rock outfits like the two playing the Clown Lounge tonight, Velvet Davenport and Dante and the Lobster. Such a lazy shortcut of a word to describe such complex music. Well, it's Tuesday, and some of us drank too much at Memory Lanes last night and had troubling nightmares about zombies.

Dante and the Lobster and Velvet Davenport go together swimmingly, and their sounds are so complimentary, it'll be immediately apparent why the two bands so frequently divide bills across the city's more, ahem, reclusive music venues.

Theirs is a music that manages to be intellectually exploratory without trading in its gruesome viscera, and it's music that feels perfectly tailored to the basement. It's subterranean. It's elusive music. No cheap thrills. With Velvet Davenport and Dante and the Lobster, you have to seek the pleasures.

The Clown Lounge has been hosting more and more of these events in the last few weeks and months, which is a blessing-- if ever a venue needed a more intimate second stage, it's the Turf Club. We're not knocking the main room-- but it's nice to see the Turf getting extra mileage out of that cozy hidey-hole under the mantel of the Earth.

Oh. And bratwurst. Lots and lots of bratwurst.

21. 9:00 P.M. $3.00. Turf Club, 1601 University Avenue, Saint Paul.

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