Vegan rappers, dangerous nostalgia, and skateboard eulogies in this week’s Top 5 MN music videos

Carnage the (Now-Plant-Based) Executioner

Carnage the (Now-Plant-Based) Executioner YouTube

Labor is entitled to all that it creates.

In the wake of Labor Day, it’s important to remember that art is labor. I don’t know if Marx would consider shooting music videos for your jangle-pop quartet in an abandoned warehouse “labor,” but it’s 2019, and this is a union newspaper.

Today we recognize the musicians, directors, lighting techs, grips, production assistants, and script supervisors who dedicate their labor to making visual accompaniment for songs. You’re all entitled to the success of these videos. Solidarity now!

Carnage the Executioner – “Eat to Live” (PREMIERE)

Carnage the Executioner has gone vegan, but that doesn’t mean he’s lost his edge. In fact, the hard-hitting rapper looks like he’s just entering his prime. His new song “Eat to Live” is an ode to the plant-based lifestyle, something that’s helped Carnage lose 75 lbs and regain the energy he needs to rap his ass off. Director Paul von Stoetzel doesn’t lay off on the carnage, filling every frame with stomach-churning gore. It’s enough to make you want to join Carnage’s Plant-Based Poets movement.

The Light, the Color – “Grip”

A breakup can feel like you’re losing a part of yourself. The Light, the Color’s latest single “Grip” deals with this sensation, and in the video we see a woman grappling to deal with being cut asunder while still surrounded by the good memories of her failed relationship. Director Corey Lawson cuts between a couple’s fond memories and the lonely reality they now live in. Kelsey Schultz’s acting is superb, bringing the protagonist’s ache to life in an all-too-believable performance.

Kihndyn Peters – “Gone Too Soon”

The death of Tyy P continues to reverberate through the Twin Cities hip-hop scene. Kihndyn Peters dedicates his new song “Gone Too Soon” to Tyy P and Mike Boehlke, two lost homies whose fates still haunt the young rapper. Peters and director Keylight Photography slink out to an abandoned building to vent their grief. Surrounded by graffiti and concrete, Peters lets loose, rapping to the sky in the hopes that the dead can still hear his voice.

Poolboy – “Centered”

Balance is easier said than done. In their new video for “Centered,” Poolboy reckon with their own unevenness, reinvigorating themes of duality and distrust from their 2018 EP Double Goer. Dan McLaughlin’s video for “Centered” is a simple black-and-white recording of the band playing in the studio, but it allows the band to deliver the song directly to the audience. You can feel every emotional contortion as frontman Seth Conover sings right down the lens.

Just Jimi – “DWN”

When you can’t overcome your demons, it’s time to figure out how to live with them. Just Jimi’s new video for “DWN” is the latter form of reconciliation. For the shoot, Jimi and director Isaac Childs headed out to the desert outside Las Vegas with some Hennessey, determined to broker peace between the Minneapolis rapper and the darkness inside him. At the end, he’s more powerful than ever. “DWN” is off Jimi’s upcoming album All Stars Fall From Heaven.

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