Vaulting into oblivion


"Jumping the couch" replaces "jumping the shark"

Let's be honest: "Jumping the shark," like, jumped the shark about two years ago. Still, we use it to refer to television shows that have run their course and are srambling to survive by settling for half-brained plot lines.

Thanks to Tom Cruise, however, "jumping the shark" has found a replacement in "jumping the couch," as in, "Man, Six Feet Under totally jumped the couch when Brenda had a miscarriage the night before her wedding." Or, "Dude, Russell Simmons totally jumped the couch when he put on that argyle sweater and put out those yoga workout videos that he's not even in."

What do you think has jumped the couch recently? Leave your answers in the comments.

Tomorrow: "Jumping the couch" officially "jumps the couch."

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