Varsity Theater announces first concerts since fall 2016

The Varsity is ready to rock again

The Varsity is ready to rock again Jay Boller

Now that it's not owned by an alleged pedophile, Dinkytown's Varsity Theater is ready to rock again. 

Earlier this week, the popular Minneapolis concert venue announced two 2018 shows -- New Politics (Feb. 22) and Andrew McMahon in the Wilderness (April 13). New Politics are an obnoxiously peppy Danish alt-rock trio; Andrew McMahon used to lead Something Corporate, our 45th ranked pop-punk/emo band. Tickets to see 'em both are available via Ticketmaster.  

The Varsity hasn't hosted a public event since late 2016, when toxic PR stemming from sexual assault lawsuits against its former owner, Jason McLean, led to boycotts from touring acts.  

In July, McLean sold the Varsity to L.A.-based Downtown Properties for $2.5 million. He sold the nearby Loring Pasta Bar in August. Months later, McLean, who's "on the legal lam," was hit with a $2.5 million judgment in one of the sexual abuse lawsuits. 

The new Varsity ownership partnered with Live Nation for booking bands and comics, and will continue to rent out the 962-capacity space for weddings and events. Here's hoping the celebrated bathrooms are unchanged. Check out the Varsity's spiffy new website here

In other Dinkytown news, coffee shop Espresso Royale will close up shop on Dec. 21