various artists When I'm Hunngry, I Eat


SO YOU THINK writing songs about food sounds like a dead-end? Well, Cibo Matto have made it a cottage industry, while Gourmandizer, a local zine (started in 1993) that features interviews with musicians on all things edible, has been tapping a similar ideology. Since they were so immersed in music, the folks at Gourmandizer rounded up a bunch of Minnesota bands, each given the specific mission of creating a song with food at its core. The dangers of this mission are obvious (see joke rock). And to be sure, a number of these tracks are one-note duds.

But that's bound to happen with 31 different acts. Think of When I'm Hunngry... [sic] as a bountiful appetizer spread at your cousin's wedding. Skip over the undesirables and gorge yourself on the tiny delicacies (a slick Sukpatch, a warm and fuzzy Low, a cute Phone Job) that make this CD a real inspiration for spontaneous dinner-party planning or spur of the moment grocery shopping lists.

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