Vampire lust, snow day shenanigans, and brewery breakdowns in this week’s Top 5 MN music videos

We can still see you, Reel Smoov.

We can still see you, Reel Smoov. YouTube

Who do you love?

Valentine’s Day is a treacherous son of a bitch, but if we subtract the Hallmark corniness and toxic consumerism, the seed of the day is mutual affection. Hard to disagree with that. Even the most hardened cynics have to give it up for a day that celebrates being honest with your most positive emotions.

So this February 14, realize how powerful your love is. It’s a creative, restorative force, and anyone who receives it should cherish it. If you’re not feeling reciprocation by the artists you’re investing your love in, try looking locally. I can promise you the entrants in Local Frames every week would appreciate your affection. Give them a try.

Illuminatè Steele – “Anima Animus”

There is a darkness to love, and these are the depths from which Minneapolis singer Illuminatè Steele emanates. Imagine if Eurythmics consisted of occult soothsayers and you’ll have an idea of the avant-pop artist’s style. Her new video for “Anima Animus” was filmed at the Dark Energy Vampire Ball at First Avenue, accurately capturing the artist’s macabre sensuality. “Anima Animus” is from Steele’s forthcoming record Davidian Sex Club.

Cole Tindal and Jacob Schuelke – “Sweatpants”

Stir some rum into your hot cocoa, because St. Paul rappers Cole Tindal and Jacob Schuelke aren’t letting this bullshit weather keep them from having a good time. “Sweatpants” is a self-produced ode to the cold-weather camaraderie Minnesotans share. Not only is the snow and cold an excuse to hunker down and grind out some jams, it’s also the perfect opportunity to turn up when the work’s done. Crank this gleaming pop-rap party song the next time the roads are too fucked up to test.

Dichotomy – “Fortunately”

Day Block Brewing has made a commitment to hosting local musicians, and they’ve even gone so far as to invite local artists into their brewery to craft beers to fit their musical styles. This time, it’s Minneapolis freak-rock band Dichtotomy taking to the stage and the brewhouse. The band shot the visuals for their erratic new single “Fortunately” at Day Block, and on Saturday, they’ll release their custom-designed coffee kolsch with a show at the video’s site. The video is directed by Brian Kelly and Dichotomy frontman Alex Kauffman.

Reel Smoovv – “Honest”

Deeply Rooted Tribe rapper Reel Smoovv thrives on realness, using his penchant for honesty to separate himself from the performers and posers in hip-hop. His new video for the song “Honest” shows how being authentic can bring the freedom and confidence to realize your potential as an artist. Director Eirik O’Keefe Bratli creates the visual to illustrate the benefits of opening up to the people around you.

Kashy – “Rush”

North Dakota rapper Kashy longs for the days when “clothes were better, drugs were cheaper, and the rock ‘n’ roll was louder.” Namely, the 1980s. In his new video for “Rush,” Kashy and director Snowset Studios go back to the days of synthesizers and acid-wash jeans for a nostalgic bout of heartsickness. It’s a surprisingly poppy turn for the usually moody Kashy, who is still in the throes of recording his next full-length record.

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