Vampire Hands listening party tonight at Club Jager

It's almost upon us-- in a month, Vampire Hands' next full length Hannah in the Mansion will be upon us. Given their yearly sweeps of local press awards, it's safe to say that Hannah in the Mansion is among the most eagerly awaited local releases of the summer.

The listening party is fast becoming a tradition for local bands. Just a few weeks ago, Gospel Gossip held a listening party at the new 501, with bands Kill to Kill and Kitten Forever playing sets before they finally dropped needle to wax on Dreamland.

For months, tracks from the new album have been available for listen at their Myspace page, and the sentiment from singer Colin Johnson is that Hannah in the Mansion is poised to be the most personal album they've yet created, and the logical summary of the trajectory charted on Me And You Cherry Red and Virgin Dust American Lips.

The posted tracks have an even more deeply reveberant texture, the harmonies at once more staid and more delicate, with more blues flourishes, and a heightened emphasis on percussion. The noise asides, the soundscapes that loom in the background-- Hannah in the Mansion sounds, from the preview tracks, to be yet another successful expedition from the local four piece.