Vampire Hands, Dragons Power Up! and more: Weekend Checklist

Vampire Hands, Dragons Power Up! and more: Weekend Checklist

Okay, so you screwed up. You saved up your hard-earned allowance money and even got Mom to lift curfew for the weekend, because you're 26 years old and can do what you want, even if it IS her house, and why is she always trying to run your life, anyway? You spent about two hours trying to find the perfect outfit that screamed "unconcerned and cool!!!" without bordering on "goofy hipster." Your friends all told you that you needed to get to the Soviettes show at the Turf Club early because pre-sale tickets were already all gone and the tickets are the door weren't going to last all night, but you were busy, okay, and right when you were ready to leave the house--a fashionable two hours late--you get the text: SOLD OUT. So what now? Here, my friend, is a quick list of things you could get into this weekend that don't involve sitting at home watching TIVO'ed episodes of the Marriage Ref with your dad.


Local uber-DIY label Anti-Civ is hosting a showcase at Memory Lanes featuring Bouncer Fighter, Zombie Season, Sorry OK, and the always huggable Ogre Smash Death Boom. Free to get in, usual prices to drink and bowl.

Or, if you didn't get enough St. Patrick's Day action, Chicago Celtic punks The Tossers are jigging it up in the Entry while DJ Verb X spins classic hip-hop in the First Ave VIP Room for Faded.

First Ave is also sponsoring the out-of-towner-but-practically-adopted-local Ike Reilly at the Triple Rock, which is likely to be as hard to get into as the Soviettes.


Dilemmas, dilemmas!

Local psych-freakout-artists Vampire Hands are tearing it up headlining the Hexagon (never a cover, make sure you drink in the band room so the bands get paid), with PennyRoyal, Dreamland Faces, and Dr. Nemesis opening. Across town at Nick & Eddie ($5), garage rockers Private Dancer and Dante & The Lobster will be playing this newer venue, and new venues are always cool.

Dragons Power Up!, Hildur Victoria, and Lazer Forever are at the Kitty Kat Klub

The Alarmists, No Bird Sing, and Paragraphs are at the Triple Rock Social Club

Or, just throw a purple jersey on over your hippest attire and head down to First Ave to see Vikings punter Chris Kluwe's band, Tripping Icarus, in the Entry and then head over to Too Much Love (free crossover).


Still got any allowance money left?

Tapes 'N Tapes are at First Avenue's Mainroom ($10/$12) with Vampire Hands (again!) and Minneapolis Dub Ensemble.

Or grumble about how you have to cross the river yet again to see British singer/songwriter Scout Niblett's engaging performance at the Turf Club ($7).

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