Valentine's Day music roundup: Seven options for the unprepared

Valentine's Day music roundup: Seven options for the unprepared
Photo by Rich Michell

Ah, yes, Valentine's Day. Maybe you're the hopeless romantic type, and you've had this night all planned out for you and your special someone since October, and if that's the case, jolly good for you.

More likely, though, you just remembered, like, two days ago that this stupid holiday was happening this week. P.S., your dearest one will see right through some grocery store roses. Or, even more likely, you're 100 percent alone on this most wretched of all days, and even though you're totally pretending it doesn't matter, secretly you just wish someone would give you some candy hearts.

Luckily, whether you're presently scrambling for a date idea or seeking a way to forget about the black hole that is your dreadful joke of a love life, we've got you covered. Gimme Noise has assembled a few V-day options for tonight that are so good, you can pretend you always had a plan. 

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Electric Fetus Valentine's Day Sale

Did you forget to buy your sweetheart a Valentine's Day gift? Fret not. The Electric Fetus has got you covered with their epic Valentine's Day sale, going on now and featuring 20 percent off storewide on new and used CDs, DVDs, vinyl, tapes, and music accessories. So go, hence, and nab your copy of the Grammy award-winning Album of the Year Babel from Mumford & Sons, lest you be put in the doghouse for eternity. The Valentine's Day Sale continues at the Electric Fetus through February 17. It does not include tickets, tobacco, gift cards, or things already on sale.

Valentine's Day with A Hard Day's Night
Hell's Kitchen

Chances are, if you haven't made a reservation for Valentine's Day dinner by now, you're not going to get one -- unless your beloved is cool with White Castle gourmet. But before you throw in the towel and commit to a dinner of mini cheeseburgers, check with Hell's Kitchen. They've got the Beatles tribute band A Hard Day's Night down to play during dinner this evening, and they aren't even charging a cover! How fortuitous that there should be a cover band offering up some of the greatest love songs ever written.
6-9 p.m., no cover, all ages.

Lucy Michelle and the Velvet Lapelles are in Big Trouble again: The All-Time Greatest Valentine's Day Mix
Cedar Cultural Center

If Lucy Michelle was a candy, she would definitely be some kind of heart-shaped, bright pink cellophane-wrapped sugar-bomb thing. Even when she's singing about being heartbroken, it sounds sweet. Together this Valentine's Day with the Velvet Lapelles and the Big Trouble band, the talented group is bringing back their All-Time Greatest Valentine's Day Mixtape to the Cedar Cultural Center, where they'll be performing some of the greatest love songs in history. Big bonus: this night doubles as one of the most massive mixtape exchanges ever, so if you can whip together a Valentine's Day mix in any format, you'll be bringing home someone else's. If you don't already have a sweetheart for this holiday, this Cedar show might be where you find one. Doors at 7 p.m., music at 7:30, $16, all ages.

Wake Owl with Andy Elwell and Andy Shauf
7th Street Entry

Hailing from Vancouver, BC and Portland, OR, singer-songwriter Colyn Cameron has seen his fair share of the world. The talented troubadour has spent the past decade immersed in music and traveling without an itinerary, everywhere from the U.K. to Chile, and has picked up a thing or two about writing songs along the way. On Cameron's debut EP Wild Country, he coats crystal-clear acoustics with smooth vocals raised in the folk tradition, delivering songs that settle in perfectly against a chilly winter backdrop. This one might be a show for the jilted rather than the happily in love, but all the same, it promises to be a good one. With Andy Elwell and Andy Shauf. Doors at 7:30, $8, 18+.

A Romantic Evening at the Turf Club
Regal Treats, Web of Sunsets, Jim and the French Vanilla

There's no denying that St. Paul's Turf Club has a certain romantic charm to it: the ripped booths gushing their stuffing, the well-worn tables, the bathrooms plastered in Sharpie-notes. If you're in an irreverent sort of mood, the Turf Club might be the perfect place for you to head this evening. You'll lend your ears to some worthy projects, at the very least: the noisy garage-punk sounds of the Regal Treats, the electro-blues effects of Jim and the French Vanilla, and what the Turf calls "acid country" from the Web of Sunsets trio (Chris Rose, Sarah Nienaber, and Sara Bischoff). All that paired with a bottomless glass of whiskey and you should be ready to face any Valentine's Day ghosts. Doors at 9 p.m., $6, 21+.

Tomahawk Tassels presents: Hello I Love You Burlesque Show
Amsterdam Bar and Hall

Nothing goes hand-in-hand like Valentine's Day and burlesque, and tonight the Amsterdam is giving attendees just that. The illustrious Tomahawk Tassels is delivering what is sure to be a raucous retro set, joined by the very good company of Lilly Rascal, Pouty Petals, Lulu Blue, Fyresnake, Red Austere, and Vince V. Vice, plus a very special set from the premiere burlesque troupe the Duluth Dolls. Tatters Vintage Clothing will be putting on a fashion show, and you'll have the chance to peruse their mobile vintage shop as well. There's going to be prizes for audience members with the best 60's style, and we're sure there's going to be a fair amount of pasties, too, so don't think twice about shimmying down with your cherished one. 8 p.m., $10/$25, 21+.

"Flip Phone" Dance Party
Honey Lounge

There's never a better way to close out your night than with a good old-fashioned dance party. Leave it to Northeast's sexiest lounge, Honey, to offer you the antidote to any and all recent heartbreaks. DJ Fancy Restaurant will be spinning the greatest Robyn-esque dance jams all night long, so you can shake and sweat and forget your worries. Bring your honey if you have one, or find one there if you don't. 9:30 p.m., $5, 21+.

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