Uptown Bar's relocation dead in the water


From local business paper Finance & Commerce comes some sad, if not entirely surprising, news about the Uptown Bar's planned relocation.

[jump] "The investment group that was working with Uptown Bar was not able to come to terms with the Lyndale Theater."

The Uptown Bar crew was rumored to have been planning a three-level grand redesign, featuring a rooftop patio, of the old Theatre Antiques space. According to F&C's report (and anyone with eyes), the Lyn-Lake area has been thriving in recent years, making the lack of comity between Lyndale Theater building owners and Uptown Bar management at least a little confusing.

One of the more surprising things to come out of F&C's coverage is that Lyn-Lake isn't considered Uptown, which I'm happy about as I don't have to describe where I live as Uptown anymore. "Nah dude, Lyn-Lake." But where to go to drink? Home. Still.