Uptown Bar faces possible demolition

Uptown Bar faces possible demolition
Courtesy of the Uptown Bar

It's been quite the turbulent year for local music venues, as evidenced by today's news: this coming Monday, the Minneapolis Planning Commission will meet to discuss whether or not to tear down the landmark Uptown Bar on Hennepin Avenue and replace it with a three-story retail unit. The news comes courtesy of the Southwest Journal, who got the tip based on "an application filed with the city's Department of Community Planning and Economic Development."

From the Southwest Journal:

"Our conversation was pretty much along the lines of, well, we don't want to support this because the Uptown Bar is such an institution," said Anders Imboden, who chairs the East Calhoun Community Organization's zoning committee. "But from what we gather, if the owner wants to sell the land there's not much we can really say about that from a zoning perspective."

The Uptown Bar and Cafe has long been known for its reputation as a staple of the music community, dating back to the '80s when bands like the Jayhawks and the Replacements would regularly book gigs at the venue and use the space to test out new material. Demolition of this historic music venue and popular greasy breakfast joint would be another blow for a music community that has seen its share of losses this year.

The article also indicated that "sources close to the development deal said the restaurant's owners were looking for a new location," but the bar's owners were not available for comment.

We will post more updates as soon as we receive them.

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