Uptown Bar demolished this afternoon


It's a great mystery of life, the seeming imbalance between powers of creation and powers of destruction. It takes an  oak tree a hundred years to grow and perhaps a minute to be felled.

Today, the oak of Uptown's music life since the infancy of the previous millennium was felled in a few swings from a wrecking ball, a daylight razing witnessed by the demolition crew and a few dozen Uptown window shoppers. A weird way for the House that the Replacements Built to go out, but c'est la vie.

It's the last step on the Uptown's journey into the night. The bar was sold earlier this year, and enjoyed a good hail-of-bullets exeunt, as the Twin Cities most beloved bands packed its stage in a final month of farewell shows.

In October, City Pages printed an article chronicling the Uptown Bar's struggles to re-open at an undisclosed South Minneapolis location, a process badly complicated by arcane liquor licensing laws. Until something develops, the Uptown Bar will be a hole in the Earth, viewable to anyone who wishes to pay last respects. View the slideshow here, snapped by Steve Cohen.