Update: P.O.S. feels like "new dude" after kidney transplant


Good news from the Doomtree camp: P.O.S. has finally found a kidney donor, and received a transplant last Thursday. In the fall of 2012, the rapper announced he had to cancel his U.S. tour in support of We Don't Even Live Here because of complications related to kidney failure.

The rapper and his bandmates posted an announcement on YouTube last Tuesday afternoon. "I'm going in to get a new kidney... out of my friend," Stef says. "It's used, but it's in fucking great shape. He's gonna take it out, and he's gonna give it to the doctor. The doctor's gonna cut a hole, and, you know? I'm gonna get better soon."

Update: The transplant went well, according to Doomtree's Lazerbeak. More below.

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P.O.S. -- who has been Ruining the Current of late -- still performed locally from time to time over the past couple years. He was kept off the road, though, and had to limit appearances during Doomtree Blowout residencies. Through it all, he's been strong and grateful for the support from friends and fans.

In the video Stef continues, "If everything goes smoothly, by the end of the summer I'll be like [snaps fingers]." "Brand new," cuts in Lazerbeak.

Last fall, he told Gimme Noise that he was hoping to wrap a new solo record prior to the surgery so that he can hit the road once he has made a full recovery.

Update (Tuesday, March 11):

Lazerbeak has posted photos from the hospital, and Stef is looking pleased post-op. "I feel like a new dude," he said on Monday. His donor is a high school pal named Mark Potter, and his recovery is going well too, according to 'Beak.

Stef will be checking out of the hospital in the next day or two and then will continue bed rest from home for a good while (he'll still be going back in for checkups all the time too). There's still a long road to recovery ahead, but the great news for now is that the kidney is currently functioning the way it's supposed to and he's feeling better mentally/physically than he was before the surgery.

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