Update: Jim Ruiz playing farewell shows, lied about going to Germany

Update: Jim Ruiz playing farewell shows, lied about going to Germany
Photo By Erik Hess

It's been a great 12 months for Jim Ruiz. In addition to releasing a new album as the Jim Ruiz Set, Mount Curve Avenue, Ruiz also helped form Korda Records, and played at both Korda Records showcases at the 7th Street Entry and the Cedar Cultural Center, in addition to many other clubs throughout the country.

In 2014, the venerable musician has created a ruse about a one-year residency for the Jim Ruiz Four at the legendary (but now defunct) Star Club in Hamburg, Germany. Before Jim retreats back into retirement for the foreseeable future, Ruiz has announced two special local shows set to take place before he calls it quits for a while.

At the Kitty Kat Club on Friday, January 31, the Jim Ruiz Set will be playing a free farewell performance. They will be joined by Somewhat Fierce, and Chicago's the Syrup Eddies. Ruiz is aiming to build his set around what his fans most want to hear that night, so be sure to get your requests in and RSVP via the show's Facebook page.

The second farewell show that Ruiz has planned will be the following Friday, February 7 at the Aster Cafe, the same club where the Jim Ruiz Set debuted nearly two years ago. For this special, intimate performance, the group will be joined in support by Bethany Larsen and the Bee's Knees.

As for the year-long residency at the Star Club in Hamburg, it all proved to be a complete fabrication. 

So, local fans who want to wish Ruiz and his band well before they retreat back into retirement should hit up these two gigs, as they will most likely be the last local performances from the group in quite some time.

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