Unsolved mystery

Where's Robert Stack when you need him? A compilation CD titled Live in Town has been showing up in the mailboxes of musicians, DJs, rock critics, and record store owners throughout the Twin Cities. The mix, comprised of bootlegs from various local venues, ranges from the Dead Boys recorded at a Longhorn gig in 1980 to the Arcade Fire at First Avenue last September. So what's the mystery? Nobody knows where the thing came from. The discs arrived in envelopes bearing no return address, and in some cases, no postage. The cover art, a frame of an old comic featuring a bald kid with a slingshot, is of no apparent help. Any young Nancy Drews out there able to crack this one? Continue reading for the full track listing.

1. The Pixies "Debaser" Fine Line Music Cafe 4/13/04 2. The Jayhawks "Real Light" First Avenue 11/6/94 3. The White Stripes "I Fought Piranhas" Roy Wilkins Auditorium 7/3/03 4. Robyn Hitchcock & the Egyptians "Clean Steve" First Avenue 2/17/92 5. Luna "Friendly Advice" Pachyderm Studio for Rev 105 12/96 6. Ween "The Blarney Stone" First Avenue 10/31/94 7. Prince and Sheila E. "Holly Rock" 7th St. Entry 7/11/85 8. The Dead Boys "Sonic Reducer" Jay's Longhorn 3/19/80 9. Gillian Welch and David Rawlings "Black Star" Fine Line Music Cafe 9/24/04 10. Los Lobos "Down on the River Bed" O'Gara's Garage 7/2/99 11. Bob Dylan "Shooting Star" Midway Stadium 7/12/05 12. Johnny Cash "Big River" Guthrie Theater 3/20/89 13. Elvis Costello "Dust" Electric Fetus 6/4/02 14. BR-549 "I've got the Bull by the Horns" Fitzgerald Theater for Prairie Home Companion 1/15/05 15. The Flaming Lips "Under Pressure" State Theatre 10/18/94 16. Jeff Tweedy "Heavy Metal Drummer" Guthrie Theater 3/12/01 17. Dylan Hicks "Renaissance Man" Radio K 7/7/94 18. The Arcarde Fire "Wake Up" First Avenue 9/29/05