Unrest reunites for East Coast tour

Oh it's hard not to get all giddy and nostalgic when bands like Washington D.C.'s Unrest reunite. While not as monumental and unlikely as a Hüsker Dü reunion or Pavement's return to the stage this summer, there is something to be said about this band, who with only a smattering of loyalists in their varied career still managed to make some of the most perfect and iconic LPs of the '90s.

While British bands ruled the shoe-gaze and jangle pop scene in those days and indie rock favored slackerdom, after a few post-punk experiments Mark Robinson took Unrest into new territory, fusing the styles and his influences steeped in minimalism that made for an original take on the genres of the day.

The final phase of the band, which included bassist/vocalist Bridget Cross and Phil Krauth behind the drumset only made 2 full length records, 1992's Imperial f.f.r.r. and 1993's Perfect Teeth, which remain some of the best executed indie-pop staples of the era.

With World Cup Fever behind him, Robinson and company(which includes some of the early incarnations of the band) have embarked on a brief East Coast tour to celebrate his legendary Teenbeat Records label's 26th Anniversary that also corralled reunions from the label's other trademark artists, Versus and the Rondelles.

At the moment there seems to be no plans to take the band back in the studio or around the rest of the country. So visuals from the YouTube universe are the only source for the rest of us to fall in love again with the band that was.

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