Umm, Turns Out Sisqó Lives in Maple Grove

Sisqó at his Maple Grove home

Sisqó at his Maple Grove home

Baby move your butt, butt, butt ... to Maple Grove, Minn.?

It's the sort of remix this random muddle we call the universe would dial up, and it's the reality for "Thong Song" hitmaker Sisqó. The turn-of-the-century pop star was recently profiled about his unlikely existence in Maple Grove by Northwest Community Television. The segment provides golden quotes from the real-life Mark Andrews such as, "There's not a lot of distractions, just basically like a real calm, quiet neighborhood where families are just living and exercising and riding bikes - no thongs out here!" Check out the clip here:

In the late '90s and early '00s, Sisqó dominated the charts with his R&B group Dru Hill and as a solo artist, most notably with his quintuple-platinum-selling 1999 solo debut, Unleash the Dragon. In 2015, he's planted in the "beautiful community" of suburban Maple Grove, where he lives with his girlfriend Elizabeth Pham and their two young children. In an outtake from the piece (posted below), the adoptive Minnesotan makes an offer to the most famous Minnesotan, telling Prince, "I'm always down to come jam at the crib - holla atcha boy!"

The 36-year-old singer said he still tours internationally and acknowledged "it's good to have hits" (his last big U.S. hit was 2000 single "Incomplete"). Sisqó's third solo album Last Dragon, his first in 14 years, dropped in February. Fans can catch the "TRL" fave at a special Minneapolis appearance at Dream Ultra Lounge on May 30.

As for tomorrow's news, don't be surprised if Lil' Kim turns up in Osseo.


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