Uh Huh Her draws huge crowd of admiring ladies


Uh Huh Her @Fine Line Wednesday, Nov. 5

Though they gave a mediocre performance, Uh Huh Her still managed to impress a wildly enthusiastic crowd of “L Word” fans at the Fine Line Wednesday night. Playing nearly all the songs from both their EP, “I See Red” and their debut full length, “Common Reaction,” actress turned musician Leisha Hailey and band mate Camila Grey looked cheerful and sounded a little mushy— fingers pointed at whoever was running their soundboard. A knitted potholder of sounds, everything seemed to overpower the prize part of their act: the vocals.

Hailey took on the stage in a bowler hat and thick-rimmed glasses, most often playing bass and adding quirky comments only her TV fans would pin to her "L Word" character, Alice. At the keyboard, Grey sported a sparkly black vest over a striped turtleneck, her bangs dangling in her eyes, leaving a view of only her pouty lips near the mic. The women went wild for the fashionable California babes, barely noticing their male guitarist and drummer. One front-row fan handed Hailey a dozen red roses, another screeched, “I wanna have your baby!!!” and “Minneapolis loves you!!!” multiple times.

“She’s so hot I’m having a hard time watching her,” said one overly stimulated woman about Hailey. “She should be cloned.”

The ladies of UHH also commented on the previous night’s election results, Hailey blurting out, “What a fucking cool country we are—I’m so proud.” During the encore, Grey even shared some personal – some might say much too personal -- information.

“So I have my period— oh my god, I can’t believe I just said that,” she blushed. “So I was extremely emotional during Obama’s speech and I totally started crying.”


A little harsher than you’d expect, UHH rocked out pretty hard at times, which unfortunately also meant Grey’s smoky smooth vocals were buried under Hailey’s heavy synth/bass and the pounding drums. The balance just never seemed right, which was a total bummer. When there was a less dramatic moment, Hailey and Grey’s vocal harmonies held so much substance and really had the ability to engage listeners.

Some especially awesome numbers included, “Covered”, their hit “Explode” “Say So” and “Not a Love Song”, which was opened by Hailey’s vocal solo. During “Common Reaction” the band urged the crowd of ladies to dance, but even after encouragement, people were still hesitant to move, their star struck eyes paralyzing their movable parts. During the bridge of one song, Grey added in the lyrics to “Sweet Dreams” for an eerie take on their generally feel-good tunes.

With her parents in the audience, Hailey made jokes about growing up in the Midwest, noting cow-tipping and freeway underpass parties. The show ended with two lucky ladies getting the chance to dance onstage with UHH – which included awkward jumping and arm waving due to their proximity to this famous lesbian hottie.