UFC fighter Shane Carwin calls Brock Lesnar a "freaking liar"


Just 9 days out from the biggest fight of his career, and the UFC heavyweight champion continues to be a magnet for controversy.

It started last week when MMA website posted an interview with Lesnar where he discussed his upcoming title fight with Frank Mir, plus a recent encounter with fellow heavyweight prospect Shane Carwin. Here's what the site claimed Lesnar had to say about the fast-rising UFC star:
"Shane Carwin and I actually met the day before UFC 96," Lesnar was quoted as saying in the recent interview. "He is a great guy - we actually had our punch forces tested too. We were told to throw the hardest right cross we could on a punching bag. I was able to rack up 1350 pounds per square inch. He did a little over 1200, making my punch harder."

Carwin was quick to fire back, talking to the same day and responding to the champ's allegations:

"The guy is a freaking liar," said Carwin. "We never met at UFC 96, I was getting ready for a battle with Gonzaga; not hanging out at Dave and Buster's with Brock. I do not understand why guys like Brock claim to have tested against me. He has the belt, shouldn't he be the standard?"

The very next day, the owner of Ground N' Pound released an official statement, confirming that the site had been hacked and that the entire Lesnar interview had been fabricated. Carwin's comments, however, appear to have been a very real response to an interview with a man he may meet in the near future.

If Lesnar is victorious in his bout with Mir at UFC 100 next weekend, it's safe to say that this won't be the last we hear of these two goliaths exchanging words. But for now, our real question is - if this story turns out to be true, do you think Brock brought his fun with him to Dave and Buster's?