U2 to score upcoming Spiderman musical


U2 and Spiderman team up. You write the punchline.

There was a time when the silver screen lifted much of its content from the stage and gave it some fancy schmancy window dressing. But with the theater's throne well usurped by its cinematic assassins, it looks like the worm has turned.

Shrek: The Musical. Hairpsray. Grease (which was a flummoxing triple trade that saw the screen and the stage picking each other's pockets).

And now, the strangest plum-- Spiderman: The Musical has acquired U2's Bono and the Edge to write the songs.

It can immediately be assumed that the musical, which will debut in 2010 (save a couple preview performances in January of '09) will be a gorging influx of investment. Bono and the Edge don't work cheap, and when you factor in the nightly costs of Spidey's web fluid, you're easily into seven figures.

But it's hardly the first time Spidey has been cross-referenced with the lads from Dublin. Like Dark Side of the Moon and The Wizard of Oz before it, Spiderman 3 syncs perfectly with U2's 1997 release Pop (satire alert). Granted-- the film and the album are alike in their mediocrity. But, synchronicity is synchronicity, and, to boot, it's a great legend to tell your stoner friend when you went them off your back for a few hours.

How Spidey's webslinging and U2's punk righteousness will mix for the jet-set Broadway crowds? Who knows. Maybe all those high-flying wire stunts will keep you distracted just long enough to be effectively preached to.