U2 releases crazy-detailed panoramic photo of the crowd from Saturday's show


Sometime between meeting with Somali Minnesotans to help solve the famine crisis in Africa and performing under pummeling rain in front of thousands upon thousands of fans at Dinkytown's TCF Bank Stadium, U2 found time last weekend to go ahead and revolutionize the concert experience by snapping a 360-degree panoramic photo of the crowd at their Minneapolis show. And with enough detail to allow viewers to zoom all the way to the top row of the stadium, it's pretty damn addicting to play with.

[jump] As Greg Swan over at Perfect Porridge points out, part of the fun of the application is just scanning the crowd to look for hilarity. When nearly 60,000 people are photographed unsuspectingly, there are sure to be a few awkward moments caught on film.

Play with/launch the app here (fans who were at the show can also tag themselves):

Check out this brilliant GIF made by First Ave staffer Alex Gaterud of one particularly terrified-looking man in the crowd:

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