U of M Comedy Team in Semi-finals


The semester is winding down at the University of Minnesota, but one Gopher team is just now entering the home stretch of their season. The U of M comedy team is currently neck and neck with Ohio State University to make it to the finals of the Rooftop College Comedy Competition.

To advance to the finals, U of M comedy squad members Linda Aarons, Trevor Anderson, Andy Erikson, and Bradford Paik were tasked with making a five-minute video lambasting the lowly OSU Buckeyes (or, as we here at City Pages like to think of OSU, Kent State with bad aim). OSU happens to be one of the few schools in the country to feature courses on standup, so they've been carefully trained by professionals. That makes them the equivalent of science-trained Dolph Lundgren to our Gophers' scrappy Sly Stallone, the Cobra Kai to our Daniel LaRusso, the black-clad team of rich kids who play against the Mighty Ducks to our Mighty Ducks.

You don't want Dolph Lundgren/Cobra Kai/not the Mighty Ducks to win, do you? Of course not. To show your team spirit, check out the U of M team's competition video, then register with Rooftop and help vote them into the finals, where they will travel to the Rooftop Comedy Festival in Aspen for a live standup showdown with three other schools.

Help the locals crane kick the Buckeyes back into comedy obscurity. Laugh on, laugh off, Daniel san.