Typsy Panthre release icy cold 'All Fall Down' video, talk about their upcoming LP


While my pets are going through ice cubes like a freakin' Snoopy snow cone machine, it's been tough for us humans to get through the heat of this summer. But it's the great music from these flatlands that keeps us around, and it was a major shock to the system when the amazing new video from local duo Typsy Panthre came across my feed and inspired a chill to run up my sweaty spine.


Like a slow and endless flow of flowery gelati scoops, the new track and first video from the group is a thing of pure satisfying delight and only makes us that much more thankful for these summer elements in contrast to the icy clip's visage.

Directed by filmmaker Phil Harder, the video features Typsy Panthre vocalist Allison LaBonne lying on a chilly frozen Mississippi river making snow angels to the methodically pulsing beats and synth arrangements of the ever-reclusive Minneapolis musical brain, producer, and guitarist John Crozier.

Typsy Panthre "All Fall Down"

As a singer and performer, LaBonne is perhaps most well known as a member of the Owls and the more recent project with husband Brian Tighe, the Starfolk. Tighe, the former lead singer of the '90s indie-pop darlings the Hang Ups, once enlisted Crozier as a sonic sideman for a stint. So as no strangers to one another, it was only a matter of time before LaBonne and John Crozier would team up in the studio and spawn a new project of their own.

Remaining somewhat a musical hermit and preferring to bury his nose in books and tinkering with sounds in a studio over playing out in bands, Crozier -- whose past projects included the equally spell-check challenging groups Ninian Hawick and Ninotchka -- was inspired by a chance run-in on a city bus to work with LaBonne. And thus, Typsy Panthre was born.

After witnessing the new video, I immediately pulled out my old Rolodex to see just what was going on with the the duo and to pry some info about their mysterious band.

Gimme Noise: So tell me about this Typsy Panthre. I'm guessing this is sort of more of a studio project than the typical band who plays out. When did you all start working together? how many songs have you guys recorded?

John Crozier: Yes, more of a studio project, minus the studio. We started working together at the beginning of 2008. We've recorded about 15 songs.

It's great to hear some new music from you. How have you been?

JC: Yes, it's been years since I last ran into you. That was at First Avenue. I'm doing fine. How are you?

I'm doing well. Been working on some crazy beats myself. But this new video. I'm really loving it!

Allison LaBonne: Thanks!

How long did it take to film? AL: We had two shooting days out on the river. Phil has a little hut boat with a wood burning stove that we used as a warming house. It was bitterly cold.

Phil Harder is fucking nuts isn't he? AL: Yes, and he gets me to be a little more daring. He's very passionate about filmmaking. He thinks big, but he's also off-the-cuff. He likes to wing it as a director. Basically he wants to be creating something all the time, just go go go and see what happens.

JC: I don't think Phil Harder is nuts.

AL: Nuttylicious?

Was this some fancy video work kind of stuff or is Allison really laying in the snow next to that crazy ass waterfall? AL: Hats off to Dylan Thies and John Chadbourn's visual effects that you are asking that question! I was indeed on the frozen Mississippi on a -20 windchill day. Someone called the police on us--saying "there's a little girl out on the river!" The officer was not happy to find we were shooting a music video. He made some comment like "It's your funeral!" and drove off in a huff. In reality I was not that close to open water, some compositing was involved. But the chapped lips were 100% authentic.

So what's on tap for Typsy Panthre? AL: We are just finishing our first LP so you will hear more from us soon.

Oh killer. can't wait! Will you be releasing a more summery video in the winter? JC: Sure.

AL: Next time John will be in peril.

What are some of your favorite Summer activities? Ever go rollerskating around the lakes? AL: I believe ice cream is John's favorite summer activity. And running. Or browsing for cables at Radio Shack.

JC: Allison rides her bike. And sprouts buckwheat.

AL: All summer long!

Follow Typsy Panthre on Facebook and expect their full-length, tentatively titled Triskaidecagram, hopefully sooner than later.