Tyler Jon Tyler release 7"

Tyler Jon Tyler release 7"

Chicago's Tyler Jon Tyler is an indie pop three-piece. When listening to their New England Street 7", their skeletal approach to songwriting is on full display.

The title track is defined by Rebecca Flores' distinct, octave shifting vocals that bounce over the peppy rhythm with a hint of cutesy twee. The title track is mostly bass and drum, and Flores' bouncy voice follows the drum lead while Nathan Jorde's bass delivers the melody. Approximately halfway in, Flores kicks up her guitar, upping both the volume and the tempo a notch and giving the song a little more swagger. While the music is catchy, this is accomplished more through vocal inflection and rhythm than over any memorable lyrics.

"Faster than Light," on side B, follows a similar minimal arrangement, relying heavily on the rhythm section while Flores' voice brings the ups and downs. Her guitar serves more as melodic accompaniment. The songs begins with a plodding guitar introduction that is quickly replaced with a back-and-forth playful peppiness, best exemplified by Flores' "Hey hey, hey hey/ Where have you gone, baby" lyrics. The artwork for the record--a simple paper sleeve with label information--leaves the music to speak for itself. In this case, with five minutes of quirky indie pop.

The record is available from Trouble in Mind Records.

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