Two Harbors releases 'Make It Alright' at Cause tonight

Two Harbors is not just a city in Minnesota, it's also a hard working rock band from Minneapolis.  Gimme Noise caught up with them as they were preparing to release their new album, Make It Alright, at Cause tonight.

Band Members: Chris Pavlich, Kris Johnson, Jeremy Bergo, Shawn Grider

CD Release date: 4/29/2011, Make It Alright

Cause, 21+, 9 pm, $7

Gimme Noise: What would you be doing if you weren't a musician?

Chris Pavlich: I'd be a Secret Service agent or an actor.

Kris Johnson: Chef.

Jeremy Bergo: I'd be a professional sport photographer.

Shawn Grider: An artist of some kind.

What is your favorite local band?

CP: I'm really into the Low record right now, but there are so many great local bands and singers/songwriters.  It changes a lot for me.

I've always admired Dan Wilson and Ed Ackerson.  That new tune Dan wrote for Adele is amazing.  A seemingly happy fella pens a heartbreaking tune like that?  How does that happen?

Ed always has the best vintage gear, coolest guitar sounds, great songs, and thoughtful lyrics.  He has an incredible ear and knows everything about what is cool in music.

KJ: Story of the Sea.

JB: The Replacements.

SG: 12 Rods.

Favorite local venue to play?

CP: I love all our usual haunts, but the First Ave Mainroom is where I've seen a lot of my favorite bands, and they treat us as they would any national act passing through.  We've played there several times in the past few years and always look forward to that gig.

KJ: First Ave.

JB: Varsity Theater.

SG: First Ave.

Favorite place to eat/drink in the Twin Cities?

CP: Bryant Lake Bowl, Amy's Breakfast Burrito, or French Toast.

KJ: Bryant Lake Bowl.

JB: Town Hall Tap.

SG: CC Club breakfast and drinks.

Finish this statement: Never have I ever...

CP: ...acted my age.

KJ: ...seen the movies Titanic or Forrest Gump.

JB: ...seriously considered skydiving.

SG: ...broken a limb (knock on wood).

TWO HARBORS plays a CD-release show with BNLX, Satellite Voices, and Faux Jean tonight, FRIDAY, APRIL 29 at CAUSE SPIRITS AND SOUNDBAR. 21+. $7. 9 p.m.

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