Twitter wants OutKast to perform at Soundset 2014

Big Boi at Soundset 2011
Big Boi at Soundset 2011
Photo by Denis Jeong Plaster

The reunited OutKast have just unveiled non-specific plans to make everyone else in 2014 move to the back of the bus. Last week, Andre 3000 and Big Boi committed to headlining slots at Coachella and Governor's Ball, but a 2014 festival tour is now in the works to commemorate their 20th anniversary.

According to the duo's website, the tour would feature "over 40" festivals following the Coachella weekends (with the Replacements) in April. Even before, and especially after that announcement, social media started connecting the dots. Since 50 percent of OutKast hit the stage in 2011 via Big Boi, it would seem that the mighty Rhymesayers would take great interest in getting these two dope boys out for a player's ball in Shakopee.

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Here's a running Twitter tally of the excitement brewing:

After Snoop Dogg was the headlining act in 2013, Rhymesayers proved they were willing to open up their wallets wide to bring a new level of visibility to their yearly rap festival at Canterbury Park. It paid off as a reported 28,000 fans -- up from about 20k in previous years -- passed through the gates that day.

As for OutKast, the Grammy-winning duo are one of the most electrifying in the history of rap, in the history of live music, in the history of the universe. Gimme Noise saw them perform pre-Stankonia as a college-aged sprout in New York, and their interplay was so strong that the show could never be long enough to satiate the crowd of a few hundred. Multiply that by 3,000, and we get the level of anticipation surrounding these reunion gigs.

If OutKast is headlining Coachella, which is a much more expensive ticket than Soundset has ever been, we'll have to wait and see if the economics line up. Regardless, it's an exciting thought to imagine two of the guys who paired Prince's funky eclecticism with Atlanta-bred rap, and taught a generation of rappers how to stank for themselves coming back here. We'll find out in due time. Last year, the lineup came out in March, so be patient, y'all.

Here's a montage of Soundset 2011 featuring Big Boi:

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