Twitter poll: Which songs get you in the mood for Halloween?

Whether they make you randy for some hot zombie three-ways or set the front-door mood for the little pirates and princesses perusing your streets, your Halloween favorite jams are in! 

This week: Which songs get you in the mood for Halloween?

Why we wanna know: We don't trick or treat anymore (obviously), so we want to sit at our desks and jam out to something ghoulish while chasing our chocolate bars with chocotinis. 

@braceyourselves: The new Dead Man's Bones album is perfect!

@PatrickJBakker: Red Right Hand, Nick Cave

@brokenhalo: "Cut-Out Witch" from GBV, "Every Day Is Halloween" from Ministry

@MktgCommJen: Mine is Thriller by MJ!

@howwastheshow: All songs get me in the mood for Halloween, but Dead or Alive's "Something in My House" was always a favorite in younger years.

@thomasjcollins: Ghost Town-Specials/Voodoo Lady-Ween/Ghost of a Texas Ladies Man-Concrete Blonde/Horror-RJD2/Lullaby-Cure/Running w/ Devil-VH

@steveanderson81: Talking Heads: Psycho Killer

@Herbatron6: Not obscure pick coming from Mpls but... Mr. Rogers by Korn. Lyrically it's not really relevant but does have a sinister vibe.

@gsax: Two Halloweenies from Danny Elfman: "This is Halloween" from Nightmare Before Xmas and "Dead Man's Party" from O. Boingo.

@chrisstrouth: So many to choose from. Ministry's "Halloween", RJD2's "The Horror," or NY Dolls "Frankenstein" just for starters...

@chrismpls: "Spider on Shoulder" by Orange Tour:

@gaboeckel: The Mountain Goats' "New Zion" is the perfect music for Lovecraftian black masses to call forth the slumbering Elder Ones

@cbetancourtPR: Halloween Movie Theme Song! RT

@MJXL: Anything Misfits related and "Dream Warriors" by Dokken.

@shopaholicchic: Thriller!!

@bobbykahn: Monster Mash, Thriller, Stagger Slide by Dance Band, Werewolf Bar Mitzvah

@Noahone: Tom Petty - Zombie Zoo. Works all year round, but excellent in October.

@LeannaNelson: Well, MONSTER MASH, of course! Miss being a kid. "He did the mash..."

@pickledllama: Monster Mash!

@jgulden: Obviously THRILLER

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