Twitter Poll: What album do you listen to when you're stressed out?

We thought about starting this blog stating that we have 3,833 Twitter followers, but that would just be bragging. Instead, we'll gush and say that it's been a fun experience to get to know our tweeps over the last several months, either through random tweets or our Free Ticket Tuesday giveaways (@citypages and @gimme_noise). But we aren't satisfied, oh no.  We want to know much more, one question at a time -- it'll be like a really s-l-o-w first date except tolerable. Each week (or whenever), we'll post a question on Twitter like this: TWITTER POLL! What album do you listen to when you're stressed out?  You'll answer and RT to your friends, if you are so moved, and we'll post your answers here, linking back to your Twitter account. 

This week: What album do you listen to when you're stressed out?

Why we wanna know: Jen was blankfaced and listening to  the melancholy drone of Fever Ray on repeat so much that Andrea had to ask her to change it up.  Yeah, but what to change it to when you need soothing?

@dipecheck: Madonna - Confessions On A Dancefloor

@beautifamous: Anything by Blue October. Recently though, it's been their Approaching Normal album. 

@dmsundquist: Kanye West - College Dropout - Upbeat, best hooks around, funny, and just genius. Gets me back to my happy place. 

@lou_riddell: The Moody Blues - Days of Future Passed. Soothing orchestral sounds, amazing tunes. Plus the first album 2B played in space! 

@bethfreschi: Mazzy Star - So Tonight That I Might See - The lead singer's voice is both calming & mysterious & the music transports me. 

@heckadecimal: Venetian Snares vs. Speedranch: Making Orange Things - it's just 2disgusting. 

@joeydollaz: either k-os "exit", some Doomtree goodness or the Beatles. 

@bobbykahn: Box of Rain - Grateful Dead - because that's what Mr. Russo said to do on such occasions. 

@fivesixzero: A Tribe Called Quest - The Low End Theory - Jazzy beats, pragmatic lyricism and great production. Makes any day better. 

@TheRealCrazyAmy: Marilyn Manson, Lest We Not Forget...makes me feel soooo happy. because he is in synch with my stress on a symbolic universal ... (???) 

@paintbox68: Dark Side of the Moon-Pink Floyd. 

@ericamayer: When I'm stressed I listen to local artist @dan_rodriguez; his album is full of positive messages and a few funny tunes, too. :-) 

@funwithjustin: Any album by Wesley Willis.

@BarbAbney: NIN/Pretty Hate Machine/this one's been an angsty go-to for 20 years, that's more reliable than 99% of everything else in life!

@the4onthefloor: Muddy Waters / Anthology / Anytime I think I've got bad times, I am wrong. Muddy tells me so. and cot damn, I believe him.

@brokenhalo: At The Drive-In's 'Relationship Of Command.'