Twitter Poll: Best Local Concert of the Past 12 Months

In anticipation of today's Best Of the Twin Cities issue, we asked our @gimme_noise Twitter followers to sound off on their picks for a few of our music-related Best Of categories. See below for our tweeps' picks for the "Best Local Concert of the Past 12 Months" category, and click here to read our pick.

angelaamurphy Solid Gold, Jeremy Messersmith and the Pines at the Minnesota Zoo.

katiepalm Cloud Cult outdoor at Cabooze was pretty great last summer #BOTC

JayGabler Honorable mention: "Let It Be" tribute night @FirstAvenue. #BOTC

JayGabler @gospel_gossip at CVRNS. @PeterWolfCrier's "This Is Not For You" album release event. @HarMarSuperstar @WeismanArt. #BOTC

theBitchelor POS at the Turf last night. Duh. also, Lookbook CD Release @ KCK, Vampire Hands "reunion" with Colin @ Turf. Any Wed @ N&E, duh

jojosfire Soviettes reunion at the Turf Club. #BOTC

eriktmpls Either Evening Rig's record release show @ Entry with the Dynamiters or Red Pens set opening for Soft Pack, also at the Entry.

bobbykahn Prince, Paisley Park 10/24 #BOTC

calendine @DOOMTREE blowout V

trikno Best New Bands at @firstavenue & Bethany Larsen, Aby Wolf, @PeterWolfCrier & @NoBirdSing at the Turf Club in Dec. #BOTC

Staciaann Any of the house shows at the Cake Shop. ;) #BOTC

elguante I might be biased, but @NoBirdSing's Cedar show back in February was really something special. #BOTC

thesarahwinters the @dessadarling CD release show was the best local show I've seen in the past year. #BOTC

recklessabdn Halloween Alaska w/ Haley Bonar at the Cedar was really great!

petebasgen Modern Radio's 10th Anniversary show with Vampire hands, Skoal Kodiak, STNNNG, and The Plastic Constellations. #BOTC

plesserchick Doomtree Blowout V