Twist and Create: Intermedia Arts' record-setting lovefest

How often do you get the chance to play Twister, set a world record, and do world-class wooing all at once? Intermedia Arts made it happen Saturday night.

The multidisciplinary arts organization on Lyndale's "Love Rox" event, an early paean to Valentine's Day, brought all these elements together and more in a showcase of what local artists can accomplish in the service of beauty, truth, and having a good time.

Twist and Create: Intermedia Arts' record-setting lovefest

Heart-clad women flitted about, drawing participants to the Twister arena. More photos by Ward Rubrecht in the slideshow.

The constant of the evening was the marathon Twister event, where for six hours volunteers stretched their limbs in an attempt to set a world record. While no such longest-Twister-game record currently occupies the Guinness Book, you have to think the record people will be impressed that the attempt involved Minnesota Roller Girls including Marilyn Monrogue, Soylent Mean and Betty Bruiser.

Later, Bruiser and Mean served as judges, while Monrogue joined Dottie Hazzard on emcee duties. Among others spotted twisting on the main stage were Jacob Roske and Bianca Pettis of Beatrix*JAR, local circuit benders extraordinaire.

While Twister is all about love, Love Rox wasn't all about Twister. Splayed throughout the space were opportunities to view and participate in creative expression of one kind or another for the 200-some attendees, many of whom could be found grooving to various musical performances during the course of the evening.

Visitors also brought their lips to a kissing booth for the Smooch Project. Photographer Bonnie Fournier is attempting to document 10,000 exhibition-quality images of the simple, powerful expression of affection. While you waited, craft supplies were available to make Valentines for the one you brought -- or the one you met.

People search for meaning in art. But what's there to say about an evening that's simultaneously the best date night ever, but also a great time for the unattached but artistically inclined? Love Rox reminded me of what Archibald McLeish said about poems: poems should not necessarily mean things -- just the fact that they exist is enough.

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