Twins' Brian Dozier reflects on his college band, Silky Smooth

Twins' Brian Dozier reflects on his college band, Silky Smooth
Photo courtesy of the Minnesota Twins

When Minnesota Twins radio personalities Cory Provus and Dan Gladden were filling airspace during a blowout earlier this year, it came out that second baseman Brian Dozier played in a band called Silky Smooth. It was during his college years at the University of Southern Mississippi in Hattiesburg.

Grabbing him in the clubhouse when Detroit came to town, Gimme Noise wasn't able to get a song, but we did get a little information about the role music plays in his life as his neighbor Aaron Hicks interjected with some additional answers.

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Gimme Noise: You were in a band called Silky Smooth earlier. Did you play guitar?

Aaron Hicks: He played the fiddle.

Brian Dozier: I play a lot of different instruments. The main two are the guitar and the piano. I mess with harmonica some and all that kind of stuff. But mostly the guitar and the piano. I was the lead guitarist of our band in my senior year of college just for that fall semester. We'd play in little pubs and bars around town -- make a little money, have a little fun.

Do you still get to play much?

Dozier: Not with a band or anything. I still play the guitar and piano a lot. Last year I had my guitar and piano with me. This year I just have my guitar. I left my piano at my house back home in Mississippi -- that might be shipped up shortly though, I can't stand being away from it.

No dreams to start a band with other Twins?

We have a lot of guys that play the guitar: [Jared] Burton, [Trevor] Plouffe, and [Brian] Duensing play. We have a mixture. The hardest thing is to find a lead singer, I'm sure.

What kind of music was Silky Smooth?

We played pretty much everything. The lead singer of our band is in Nashville trying to make it right now. He took and copyrighted a couple of our originals we wrote and he has them with him in Nashville as he is trying to do some stuff. He's written a lot more since then.

We played everything. He's kind of a country voice so we played a lot of country but, at the same time, we played Southern rock, vintage rock, that kind of thing.

Do you ever check out local music here in the Twin Cities?

Every now and then. I like to go around and it's good that the Twins like to put somebody in the Budweiser section and play. It's good to hear, I love it. There's some good bands.

Do you follow by name?

Not really that I'm following, but I'm always open. Any genre of music I love it, as long as it's music.

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