Twin Town High release show at the Turf Club


There are strange powers invested in yearbooks. It’s the adolescent book of spells, of curses and cures, a roster of bullies and beauties. When you’re 16 years old, you spend hours gazing at that blurry black and white of Britney Peterson, poised in the starting block in the Athletics section, wondering if she was doing the same to your picture.

But at 27, when you unearth those dusty tomes moving out of your girlfriend’s apartment, you can flip through every page, marveling at every picture, even the ones of the bullies that picked on you for having a ducktail and the girls who never gave you the time of day. Through those rosy goggles, everything has genuine meaning.

The Twin Town High compilation has always harnessed those appeals. Marrying the thrill of immediacy with the fondness of longevity, it’s spent the last half-decade making itself one of the most pertinent and inclusive local yearly compilations we have to offer. From the ground up, the operation is hell-bent on populism, celebrating everything from Haley Bonar to Heiruspecs, from Atmosphere to Friends Like These, and passing it all along to you for free.

Tonight’s Turf Club release show, like the comp itself, will provide something for listeners of every stripe, and should put a spike in the brainwaves of this drizzly Thursday evening. The lineup is a Lazy Susan of past and present Picked-To-Click’ers, with 2008 winners Lookbook and Muja Messiah, and 2006 winners Black Blondie filling the stage and the dance floor. The comp will be available at the show for free, and features unreleased material from Private Dancer, Roma di Luna, and a duet with Romantica and Ryan Adams.

It’s a lineup of bands that, under less visionary directorship, might not have the chance to share a homeroom together. But Twin Town High has always been preoccupied with making sure everyone is together and smiling for the picture, dedicated to serving up our most accurate and long lasting snapshot of the class of 08.

Turf Club, 8 PM. $5.00. 21+. Lookbook, Black Blondie, Muja Messiah, The Alrights, and Bill Caperton. Free CD with admission.