Twin Cities supergroup Gayngs returning for ‘phase two’ as LeRon

Gayngs members Maggie Morrison, Ryan Olson, and Dessa.

Gayngs members Maggie Morrison, Ryan Olson, and Dessa. Dml - Star Tribune Star Tribune

Gayngs, the enigmatic supergroup spearheaded by Twin Cities producer Ryan Olson, has fascinated since its perplexingly fluid 2010 debut LP, Relayted.

The 24-person mood-rock collective -- which features Bon Iver's Justin Vernon, P.O.S, Poliça's Channy Leaneagh, Dessa, and others -- has been largely silent for years, but member Har Mar Superstar dropped some tantalizing details about the future of Gayngs last weekend.

Speaking with DJs Jade of 89.3 the Current and Tarik of Radio Milwaukee during the Eaux Claires festival, Har Mar said that Gayngs will resurface as LeRon -- a revamp of the original group with a ‘90s R&B sound.

“We’re kind of, like, finishing phase two of, kind of, Gayngs, I think, if you call it that -- but it’s a different thing,” Har Mar told the Current. “It’s called LeRon. The GAYNGS symbol will probably be in the O.”

As the Current’s blog pointed out, LeRon is the middle name and sometimes alter ego of P.O.S, who featured heavily on Relayted and the crew’s 2011 Doomtree remix album, Affiliyated.

Har Mar went on to say that LeRon is in the process of recording new music, though fans won’t hear the results until “sometime in the next year.” He also reported that many of the original 24 members will return for LeRon, and there will even be new additions, including the now-ubiquitous local MC Lizzo.

Of course, the group was probably most known for the contributions of Vernon, which makes the announcement during Eaux Claires all the more intriguing. Vernon has maintained a working relationship with members of Gayngs since Relayted dropped six years ago. Whether or not Vernon & Co. can successfully channel Ginuwine and Blackstreet remains to be seen.

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GAYNGS "The Last Prom on Earth" from Isaac Gale on Vimeo.