Twin Cities rap phenom Lizzo drops new single, album deets

Lizzo wants to "Humanize" you

Lizzo wants to "Humanize" you

During her 2013-'14 album cycle for Lizzobangers, we saw Lizzo rock Letterman, soundtrack HBO's Girls, and generally take over the world. Earlier today, the Minneapolis-via-Houston rapper/singer dropped details about her forthcoming new album, Big GRRRL Small World, plus new single "Humanize." 

The new album was recorded at Justin "Bonny Bear" Vernon's Eau Claire, Wisconsin, studio, which is glaringly obvious on the woozy, down-tempo "Humanize," a track featuring no rapping but plenty of attitude. Vernon, Doomtree’s Lazerbeak, Bionik, Sam Spiegel, and Alex Nutter all contributed to the sophomore LP. 

Earlier this year, Lizzo opened on tour for feminist-punk legends Sleater-Kinney. Check out our chat with Lizzo and her GRRRL PRTY bandmates La Manchita and Sophia Eris from this past summer. 

Here's the track list for Big GRRRL Small World

  1. “Aint I”

  2. “Betcha”

  3. “Ride”

  4. “Humanize”

  5. “Bother Me”

  6. “BGSW”

  7. “The Fade”

  8. “1 Deep”

  9. “The Realest”

  10. “En Love”

  11. “My Skin”

  12. “Jang a Lang”