Twin Cities rap mixtape roundup, Vol. 9

Now that Megaupload has gone under and Kim Dotcom and Swizz Beats, perhaps two of the most ridiculous men in America, are fugitives holed up in the mountains in a 78 day standoff with the CIA, we're simply going to be streaming this month's mixtape. You can still download individual tracks below. Enjoy!

Brother Ali

Part of the main idea behind this mixtape is to shed light on local rappers that don't get much look from the press, but even though everybody's pretty well aware of Brother Ali already, his recent free mixtape is too solid to pass up. It's always great to see the big names in independent rap hop on the free mixtape train because they tend to be album quality, and Brother Ali is an example of a musician who can't seem to give less than 100%. There's more real and powerful lines in "Haunted Housebroken" than most whole records contain, and the accompaniment from singer Aby Wolf is an great addition.

Andre Mariette

Andre Mariette has the impressive talent of sounding smooth and clear while rapping incredibly, unbelievably fast. "If I..." uses a sing-along chorus and some great blues and doo-wop samples to bring out some twang in the otherwise rapid-fire track.


Originally from Houston, Lizzo is helping add new life to the rap scene up here with her spirited brand of electronic rap. Lizzo took time away from working with both The Larva Ink and The Chalice to rock this 2% Muck beat solo, and it captures her live presence remarkably.

Graveyard Shifter

There's definitely a strain of Wu-Tang underneath the surface of Graveyard Shifter's latest Project Metropolis, especially considering this track produced by Wu affiliate Falling Down. The St. Paul based rapper spits darts over horn-heavy boom-bap that plays well throughout the record.


As Sab The Artist's frequent touring backup vocalist, I.L.I.C.I.T. knows a thing or two about putting in work, and brings Sab and Beasly along for this joint which cuts down those who haven't paid dues. Another solid effort in the "Who's Ill?" series.


Dropping this Thursday at Honey, eL.I.Be's first album, after years of solid building in the scene, Dreams is a record full of personal perspectives of a Liberian growing up in the culture of the American Dream. The line-up is nice, with Wize Guyz, 3Flection and O-Lay all holding down mics.


Atlas is a skilled freestyle rapper whose writing tends to be very reflective and allows him to work through things. Here on the stand-alone single "Desertion", we can hear the rapper's thought process as he unpacks some relationship issues.

Jordan Looney

Representing St. Paul and Chicago at once, Jordan Looney has the cadence of a Chi-Town rapper with the humbleness of our own Capitol City. On "Over", he goes completely in on this dubstep-inspired wobble track that sticks in my head all the time.

Download "Jordan Looney - Nerd-Hop Vol. 3 Side B"

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