Twin Cities rap mixtape roundup, Vol. 7

Twin Cities rap mixtape roundup, Vol. 7

As we do every third Tuesday, Gimme Noise returns with yet another mixtape of the local rap music that's making the rounds lately. Consider it our holiday gift.

You can stream the mixtape below or download here.

Gimme Noise Mixtape Roundup December by Jackspencer


MaLLy's steady local rise which led to a t-shirt shout-out from Slug of Atmosphere at Soundset now finds him on tour with the man himself, alongside other local mainstays Big Quarters and Kill The Vultures, for the second round of Atmosphere's "Welcome To MN" tour. MaLLy will get the chance to introduce himself to Minnesotans outside the cities, and bring along this recently leaked track, a boasting behemoth produced by Last Word and featuring  Tigre of 925ve.

The Anchormen

Southside Minneapolis' hard-repping trio finally drop their debut album, Southside Action News, that brings more of that blunt-soaked punch-you-in-the-face street rap you've come to expect from Long D.O.E. Records. MCs BiG WiZ (who's also looking at a solo release early next year), Aquafresh and T'La Shawn get a soulful boost from producer Mike the Martyr's stomping beat.


"Insomnia" is the first peek at T.Q.D. of the Background Noise Crew's new record Taketh Away, set to drop in January. The tense beat, produced by Vividend, brings the struggles embedded into the lyrics to the forefront, previewing what stands to be a dark and powerful album. 


Few ways of proving yourself to listeners are as immediate as employing insane fast-rap flows in the vein of a Twista or Busta Rhymes, and on "Go Insane", local rap hopeful Dookie belts speed-demon lyrics with the effortlessness of some of the top chop rappers. This is by no means a style he is limited to, but knowing he can break it out in a snap like this make him a formidable artist in a sea of mixtapes.


Former Detroit native Danami has an evident connection to the Minneapolis scene's personal narrative blueprint, as much of his work is the honest writings of a young man struggling as an artist and a human being. Here, he's dealing with love and money and the unfortunate intersection between the two that drive people apart. 

Fresh Squeeze

Northeast's trio of rap scoundrels Fresh Squeeze bring a fun, pass-the-mic collective energy to a track produced by Audio Perm's Taylor Madrigal. The group's strength lies in free-wheeling and funky rhymes and party anthems that beg to be sung along with, and YO!'s quick pace lends itself to be a kick-ass live track.

Wide Eyes

Rappers Sean Anonymous and Filth Phantom go in over a plodding piano track by Wide Eyes in-house producer and turntablist DJ Name. Taken from their latest EP Follow Through, the track highlights the group's signature sound, one equal parts menacing to wack MCs and inviting for hyped audiences everywhere.


While not strictly a rap outfit, this genre-bending rock group features vocalist Tim Germain, whose work walks the line between No Bird Sing-style lead rap vocals and sung live band harmonics. The band's first album E.P. has been generously offered up free so feel free to delve into this sonically intriguing world beyond strong opener "Sprinkles".

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