Twin Cities rap mixtape roundup, Vol. 6

Twin Cities rap mixtape roundup, Vol. 6

Stream below or download the mix here.​

Gimme Noise Mixtape Roundup November by jack spencer

A Dozen Roses 

The owners of barbershop Milo's on Fourth in Dinkytown apparently also rap, and recently dropped a video for their track "Sweater From France", a left-field swag anthem that I can't get out of my head. Not much other than this video is available at the moment, but the laid-back strangeness of the track combined with actual legitimate haircutting makes it a strong introduction.

Watch "Sweater From France" on YouTube

Vision The Kid

Vision The Kid's blues and funk inspired tracks suit his smooth delivery, and his recently released Lost Summer album show off a strong ability to write songs from the position of a regular guy who happens to be able to rap really well. The vocalist for The Hot Box has been doing solo projects for some time, and this is an excellent place to start.

Download "Vision The Kid - Lost Summer" 

Ace-B Mr. Hitchcock 

Ace-B Mr. Hitchcock is a rapper, RnB singer and producer, and he recently dropped a mixtape that helps give a sense of the full spectrum of his capabilities. The tracks are a mix of his solo work and his features on other artist's material, including tracks from BiG WIZ and Mommy Game from the Long D.O.E. camp. "I Need" is a self-produced straight-ahead rap song that shows off what he can do on his own.

Download "Ace-B Mr. Hitchcock - Hitchcock's Masterpiece Features"

La Manchita 

La Manchita's made a name for herself recently rapping alongside Spyder Baybie Raw Dog 3k and Ice Rod, but as she begins to branch into more solo shows and material, she's bound to be one of the biggest names out here. Her style is in-your-face yet fun and bouncy, and is one of the more original of up-and-coming artists. The only song available online at the moment, "Get It" takes advantage of 2% Muck's grimy beat and makes me want more.

Download "La Manchita & 2% Muck - Get It"


Chevyboy compares his bars to taking Xanax, and indeed he does play with some bugged concepts on his latest release, from goofy interlude skits about dealers and groupies to singing the national anthem with new lyrics about cars and grinding. His loose and strange dalliances are balanced by the fact that he can rap in a way that is just conventional enough to make you double-take at the odd moments. 

Stream "Chevyboy - Xannybars Musix"


Ecid is a rapper and producer whose self-propelled career is a great example of underground rap ascension, having built a name for himself nationally off of hard work and good music. His latest free mini-EP Swagger Wagon for Fill In The Breaks are an excursion into synth-rap territory that includes the instrumentals and just a hint of honest-to-god swag. 

Alex Frecon 

Alex Frecon seems to love big, triumphant beats that sound great loud and allow him space for tempered ego and energetic performances. His album The Hedgehog Dilemma can be downloaded for free from his website, which has a really clever name. Did you see the name of the website? Clever.

Download "Alex Frecon - The Hedgehog Dilemma"


St. Paul's SwaGG Z is a young spitter whose free release T.W.E.L.V.E. sets to put a stamp on the scene along with heavily featured cohort Sal-V. "Music Honor" is a nice downtempo joint with a low-key beat that allows the two to showcase their talents and create memorable verses. 

Download "SwaGG Z - T.W.E.L.V.E. Vol. 1"

Update: The mix that originally posted had some songs incorrectly labelled due to a Soundcloud error. It is now fixed. Listen back to it again.

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