Twin Cities rap mixtape roundup, Vol. 3


Here we go again with another exclusive mixtape roundup (check out Vol. 1 of the series here and Vol. 2 here). Thanks for listening.

Stream the album below or download here, and read on for some additional background on the artists featured in the roundup.

[jump] Gimme Noise Mixtape Roundup August by Jack Spencer

Toussaint Morrison and Dr. Wylie

Off the strength of their mixtape "Toussaint Morrison Is Not My Homeboy," vocalist and producer team Toussaint Morrison of the Blend and Dr. Wylie decided to go another round and release a free album of forward-thinking tracks featuring collaborations with K.Raydio and Lucy Michelle, among others. The album tosses a number of other genre inspirations into their brand of rap and bring an original sound to the table.

Just Wulf

Just Wulf knows a thing or two about grinding, and manages to balance a number of life obligations with a clear devotion to his art. With a growing catalog of tracks released via Soundcloud since his full-length album with producer Prime Cut, the hungry rapper stays working hard to show everyone what he's got.

Big Dylan

Big Dylan's smooth voice and laid-back style sits well alongside Meta and Mod Sun on this remix of "Keep Fallin'," part of a series of songs streaming through No Static Records homepage. The young MC is part of the up-and-comers that are sure to get more deserved attention in the near future.

Mavin MC

If it seems Southside trio Illuminous 3 have dominated these mixtapes so far, it might have something to do with the fact that they are remarkably prolific and manage to maintain quality with every new release. Group member Mavin MC recently dropped a solo mixtape celebrating what the crew has deemed "wag life," perfect for enjoying the last precious days of summer.

Youngy Ransom

With a clear influence from Odd Future, St. Paul duo Youngy Ransom bring a refreshing whiff of something new and hard-hitting with their "Jet Lag" mixtape. The video for the single "Throwing Up" serves some Not Safe For Those Who Have Eaten In The Last Hour visuals to an aggressive track about destructive partying.

Rich Garvey

It's clear from his cohesive soul sound and optimistic stance why Rich Garvey took away the "Next Up" award at the 5th Annual Twin Cities Hip-Hop Awards. Leaks from his upcoming mixtape "Rich In Spirit" are building anticipation for the talented MC and producer's impressive output.

Christopher Michael Jensen

Rapping under his government name, Christopher Michael Jensen recently put together a mixtape with all new production and guest verses from several scene dwellers for his first volume of "The Chris Tape," a free download that is essentially a full album. "Anarchy In The U.S." is a politically-charged questioning of American policies and societies woes.

Niles Miller

With a prime slot on the upcoming Audio Perm Block Party, new face Niles Miller already has a strong start in the local scene. An introspective take on life's complexities, "3 AM in Minneapolis" comes from the mixtape "Good Karma 3" which Niles expects will drop at the end of the month.

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